Dr. Olivia’s Bio

Dr. Olivia Herrell

Thirty-something years ago, I left Villa Rica, GA for what I thought were greener pastures. What I found was different, but not greener.My plan? To make it big, find myself, explore life and do all those things one is bursting to do fresh out of college. But my plan did not include returning to Villa Rica. Ever.

In the early ’90′s I decided to become a chiropractor, graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1998, then hopped in the car and drove to Ventura, California to set up practice. Convinced I’d found home, I threw myself in to work, bought property and met the love of my life.

Then the re/de/pression hit Ventura. Business fell off. I sucked it up and paddled harder. One day I realized that I was getting nowhere fast. So I decided to move back to Georgia, where the government wasn’t broke and real estate and gas didn’t carry such hefty price tags.

To make a much-longer story shorter, I came home, first to Georgia (Dahlonega), then to Villa Rica.

For a year I rented an office in the old Richardson homeplace at 233 S. Carroll Road, home to B Still Healing Massage. In March 2012, I moved my practice to the old Combs residence at 205 North Ave, Villa Rica, a block off Main Street and Prospector’s Park and across the street from World Changers Church (the old Methodist Church).

I have a history in Villa Rica: family and friends, people I grew up and graduated high school with.

My plan? To fulfill my life purpose: to live, to love and to serve. To help others feel better: not only physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Because that is my job: to help you feel better.

What a great way to earn a living! And, by the way, that’s all I’m out to do: make a living, not get rich off my patients.

I spend time with each and every one of my patients. You will be touched when you leave.

I promise.

~ Dr. Olivia J. Herrell

To schedule an appointment (or a free consult if you’re not sure) call (404) 625-6665. Thanks for stopping by our website. Have a fabulous day!


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